Don’t let geography or nationality rule out the perfect employee

Personal relocation and work-visa services from Terminal 5 since 2009

Does your next employee not live in the “right” place?

In today’s labor market, situations arise every day that force you as an employer to think differently and act differently from what you are used to. In these situations, our clients feel that it is safe to hold our hand.

Since 2009, we have supported private and public employers in issues concerning employees, sometimes with families, who are moving to a new location within Sweden or to Sweden from another country.

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Make it Easier for your Candidate to Say Yes

Terminal 5 opened its gates in 2009, offering our professional relocation solutions to the private and public sectors. We give you an edge, whether you’re moving staff between locations or recruiting candidates from another city, another country, or another continent. Eliminate anxiety about the move and let your prospective employees start focusing on their future with your company.

Smooth, Seamless Relocations

By choosing our solutions, you’ll boost your own business…and Sweden’s flourishing talent pool!
Our processes, contacts, and breadth of experience make it more efficient and cost effective to work with us than to assign the tasks to your HR department or recruiting manager. We’ve been known to work magic – couldn’t you use some?

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