Fast track immigration and work permits

Can you really wait six months?

Foreign worker recruitment is the best choice for companies having trouble find labor in Sweden. The free movement within the European Union, EES and Switzerland has made it just as easy to recruit from Europe as in the the own country. But for companies that recruit outside EU, it can take between six to twelve months to get a work permits for their candidate. Few can wait that long.

Ten day processing with Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is a certified partner of the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket). Every work permit application, new ones and extensions, submitted through us gets the highest priority from their administrators. We handle the contact with your candidate and the Swedish Migration Agency, and are responsible for paperwork and administration. With our fast track, your candidate can have an approved or extended work permit within ten days!

We help you with:

– Applying for a work permit at the Swedish Migration Agency
– New work permit applications and extensions
– Paperwork and administration
– Contact with candidates
– Relocation assistance

Get certified with Terminal 5

Are you planning more foreign worker recruitments? Then you should become certified with Terminal 5! As a partner company to us, you get the same fast administration from the Swedish Migration Agency when you apply for a work permit for candidates outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland. This means that you can expand your search area right from the start without having to worry about lengthy processing times.

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